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My overall aim when selecting, preparing and finishing the timber, is that I am always striving to bring you a beautiful piece of wood, in whatever form the furniture takes. “Finishing” is to apply a protective layer over the timber to protect it from dirt and liquids, etc., and to enhance the grain.

Oiled finish

I have not found anything that matches the beauty of a well oiled finish. It darkens the wood a little, but in doing so really brings out the full depth and colour of the grain.
It is best applied using a product called WaxOil for a hard wearing surface. This is a mixture of oil and wax that is actually tougher than either of its constituents.

Acrylic finish

For clients who want a lighter, more natural looking finish, I also use a transparent water-based Acrylic finish that does not darken the wood. It works particularly well on Oak.

Painted finish

ash branchwork detail

Introduced in 2006, I now offer painted furniture in a variety of lovely colours, using 3 coats of tough Acrylic paint. This works particularly well when mixed with doors, shelves, worktops, etc. in natural timber.

Poplar (tulipwood) is traditionally used for painted furniture as it has a creamy surface texture that takes paint very well.

The one advantage of a painted finish is that if you want to change the look of the kitchen, you can always repaint it a different colour. It is not easy to do, but is possible.

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