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If you are interested in a piece of bespoke furniture, its best if you email me first, to give me an idea of what you have in mind. I will probably ask you to send me specific details, some measurements and hopefully a picture or two, so I can work out a rough estimate. If the estimate is acceptable, you could then visit my workshop in the Forest of Dean, where we can chat in more detail.

If you are visiting the workshop, it will be useful if you can again bring with you some sort of sketch and/or pictures and a rough idea of what you have in mind. I can advise you on possible design ideas and show you timber samples, along with different types of finishes and fittings, etc. Please email me for directions to the workshop.

I am trying to disguise my email address below otherwise I receive non stop junk mail, so please copy it, but then convert it to a normal email format, with no spaces and an @ instead of aat. Thank you!

Email  david snowdon furniture aat hotmail dot com

Below is a picture of me in my first workshop in 1980.